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Get your US Passport in 24 hours!

Expedited Passports
Get your travel visa in 24 hours

Visa Processing

Skype - Computer to Computer or Cell Phone or Landline


Pingo - Super rates on international calling cards

Pingo International Calling Cards

Get country codes for calling any country worldwide!

International Calling Codes

Need cash worldwide?  Locate ATMs all around the globe.

Worldwide ATM Locator

Check out the exchange rates of the counties you are traveling to.

Currency Exchange Rates


Go Green
Sierra Club - Saving Earth since 1892.  Find books and calendars or take out a membership and help the planet.

Sierra Club

Have too much to carry?  Send your luggage, sporting equipment, bikes and musical instruments ahead of time with our exclusive luggage partner, The Luggage Club.

Luggage Delivery
Discounted Service Fees*

National Weather Service - Find weather for cities nationwide as well as weather advisories and alers.

National Weather Service
The Weather Channel has a weather search service by zip code as well as travel advisories

The Weather Channel

Car Rental

Zipcar - Rent cars by the hour or day in many cities nationwide.  Gas and insurance included!



Public and

HopStop is a guide to mass transit in major metropolitan areas.

Hitchsters connects people traveling to and from airports with each other to allow them to share a ride, splitting the fare and saving money.



Learn the rules of the Fly America Act.

"Fly America" Rules
Learn the purchasing rules when you are paying for goods and services with federally-funded dollars.

Federal Acquisition Regulations

OMB Circular A-21

Health and
Get health information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CDC Health Information
Learn about Pandemic Flu and Avian Flu.

Pandemic & Avian Flu Information

Get health information from the World Health Organization.

WHO Health Information

Air Travel
Access 500 airport lounges

Priority Pass
Want to learn about which airport or airline has the worst or best records.  Check out the on-time statistics provided by the US Government.

Airline On-Time Statistics
Figure out where all the best (and worst) seats are on just about every plane from almost every airline worldwide!
Figure out where all the best (and worst) seats are on just about every plane from almost every airline worldwide!

Airline Seating Options

U.S. & Foreign
Locate US embassies and consulates around the world.

U.S. Embassies Worldwide

World Time &
Time Zones
See the time and date anywhere in the world!

World Clock
Figure out what time it is anywhere based on the time from any other location.

Time Zone Converter

See what time it is anywhere in the US with this interactive map.

Official U.S. Time


Worldwide directions from Google Maps

Google Maps
Yahoo! Maps

Yahoo! Maps
Real-time traffic updates from

Real-time Traffic

Are you trying to schedule a meeting with people in multiple time zones?  Use this website to find the best times for everyone.

Global Meeting Time Planner

Get  up-to-the-minute travel warnings issued by the US State Department

State Dept. Travel Warnings

You can register your foreign trip with the US State Dept.  You will be notified of important warnings and alerts.  This will also help the State Dept. find you in the event of an emergency.

Register a Trip with the State Dept.
Find helpful information about medical emergencies, deaths and arrests for US citizens traveling abroad.

For U.S. Citizens Abroad
Learn the ever-changing rules about crossing the US borders and bringing items into the US.

U.S. Customs & Border Protection
Advisories Free, up-to-the-minute alerts about incidents world-wide that can impact your travel safety.

Global Incident Reports
Be prepared and learn about the countries you will be visiting.

CIA World Fact Book
Learn which countries are currently being sanctioned by the United States

Countries with U.S. Sanctions

Get exclusive benefits and discounts with your International Student Identification Card.

Student ID Cards
A worldwide hostel reservations service.

Hostel World
Find youth hostels anywhere in the United States.

American Youth Hostels
The World Youth Student & Education Travel Confederation offers discounts and other travel goodies for student/educational travelers.

Student & Educational Travel
Travel Student Universe - Great Air Fares for Domestic and International Travel

Student Universe

Students & Faculty Only
Students Abroad - US State Department: A comprehensive site for students traveling abroad packed with important information, travel tips and travel safety.  Link suggested by Maria Cammarata at The College of Saint Elizabeth

Students Abroad

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