Anthony Travel
Anthony Travel, Inc.
2151 Convention Center Way, Suite 206
Ontario, CA 91764

Phone: 909-605-2018
Fax: 909-937-6150
Toll-free: 877-284-2254

Benefits of Using Anthony Travel:

  • Emergency hotline
  • Athletic/sports travel specialists
  • No fee for hotel/car reservations with air/rail booking
  • Fly America Act certified
Dedicated Agents:

Terri Boughton, 877-284-2254 or
Sarah Dickey, 877-284-2254 or

Domestic Flight: $25 Cancellation: $25 plus airline fees
International Flight: $35 Exchange/Change: $25 plus airline fees
Group Domestic: $25/person  
Group International: $35/person  

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