US Airways is a Harvard preferred airline carrier, and as such provides Harvard with discounts on some, but not all fares. If you fly on US Airways and book the least expensive fare, there will likely be no discount because it is an already deeply discounted fare. However, these low fares are limited and when they sell out, our negotiated fares insure that we do not pay a premium.

US Airways is a member of the Star Alliance.

Check the US AIrways route map.

How to Make a Reservation

You must make your reservations through one of the Harvard preferred travel providers listed below to receive the Harvard discounts.

Shuttle Travel - The most cost effective way to purchase your shuttle tickets is through the ShuttlePro program. This is the only time you are encouraged to go outside of our preferred travel agencies. The ShuttlePro program allows you to purchase your tickets at a USAirways Shuttle kiosk at the discounted Harvard fare. In order to participate in this program you must register. For directions click here.

Payment Options include the Corporate Card and direct billing.